How To Use Beautiful Lottie Animations In Flutter App

flutter lottie animations url json

Let’s talk about how we can use Lottie animations in Flutter app. From importing Lottie’s animation to its proper implementation, everything will be discussed in detail with the help of practical code examples.

What is Lottie Animations in Flutter App?

Lottie is an open-source animation file format that can be used in Android, ios, and the web. It contains low size beautiful animations that make it perfect for use in apps. We will import them through URL and JSON in our Flutter app so we can learn multiple options for using the Lottie animations in the Flutter app.

Import Lottie Package

lottie: ^1.2.2
Write this line in the dependencies section of your pubspec.yaml and run pub get to import the package in your app.
To get the latest version, you can visit here.
import lottie animations package

Sign Up In Lottie Site

To use/download the Lottie animations, we must be signed in to our account on Lottie’s site. Click here to navigate to Lottie’s site. In the top right, you can see a signup and login buttons, if you are a new user then click on sign up and register yourself.

Two Ways To Use Lottie Animations In Flutter App

Here are the three ways you can use Lottie animations in your Flutter app:

  1.  Lottie Animations URL
  2.  Lottie Animations JSON Format

Lottie Animations URL

After you are registered, you can now use the animations using the animation URL. Let’s understand how we can do that.

We can search animations using the search field which you can see before the login button. We have searched for a cycling animation, when you tap on one of the animations from the search results then a screen will pop up, you can like the work by clicking on the heart icon from the top right.

Scroll down then you will see the Lottie animation URL, copy it by clicking on the copy icon.

Lottie Network

        body: Center(
We have used the Lottie class network and passed the URL as a string that we have copied from Lottie’s cycling animation. Now when you hot reload or restart your app then you will see this cycling animation in your app.

In the below screenshot, you won’t see its animation but if you use it in your app by following these steps then you will definitely see the animation.

lottie url in flutter app

Lottie Animations JSON Format

Let’s now import Lottie animations in our Flutter app in JSON format. Let’s see how we can do that. To download the animation in a JSON format, click on the download button in the top right, then select Lottie JSON from the dropdown. It will start downloading in JSON format then paste it into the assets folder of your app.

lottie json format flutter

If you haven’t created the assets folder then create one and paste the downloaded JSON in that folder.

flutter json assets

Specify the assets path like this in the pubspec yaml. Now you are all set to use the animation in JSON format.

Lottie Asset

        body: Center(
          child: Lottie.asset('assets/cycling.json'),
As you can see, we have used the Lottie asset and passed the asset path of cycling JSON format. We can now run our app and as you can see that our JSON is successfully imported and the animation is occurring. You can follow these steps in your app.
lottie url in flutter app

We’ve learned the two methods(URL, JSON) through which we can import Lottie animations in Flutter app.

These animations are of a low size so they won’t affect your app performance much.

We can now make our apps even more beautiful because animations in the app create a very good user experience but try to use fewer animations in an app or in a single page. Too many animations do not impress the users but few can. If you know where and how to use them. Keep implementing good animations in your Flutter app.


In conclusion, hope you now have a detailed understanding of the usage and implementation of Lottie animations in Futter app. Do feel free to visit our other posts to learn more interesting concepts in Flutter. Thank you for reading this one.

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