Flutter Popup Menu Button Detailed Customization With Example

flutter popup menu button cutomization

Let’s talk about developing the mentioned Flutter popup menu example in the flutter app, how we can see a Flutter popup dialog using the Flutter popup menu button, but first, if you are new and want a complete setup and want to build your first app instantly, then click here, now let’s jump into understanding step by step of achieving the mentioned beautiful popup menu button in flutter app with Flutter popup menu example.

Introduction: Flutter Popup Menu Button

It is one of the most beautiful menu that you can see in flutter app. You can see that menu in other applications as well. It is basically a menu that popup whenever you click on the button that is specified for it. It is like a drop down in which you can see a list of options and you can also give each of them some functionality. In our Flutter popup menu example, we will define the popup menu in the actions constructor of an appbar  and will see how the menu pops up when we click on the popup menu button. So let’s get right into it.

Popup Menu Button

              onSelected: (value) {},
              itemBuilder: (context) {
                return [
                    value: 'Home',
                    child: Text(
                      style: TextStyle(
                          color: Colors.black54,
                          fontSize: 13,
                          fontWeight: FontWeight.w500),

We have used the popup menu button class in our Flutter popup menu example, let’s see what we have used in it:

On Selected

The constructor on selected is triggered when the user taps on one of them items of the popup menu list. It takes a value constructor which has the value selected.

Item Builder

The item builder constructor is used to return a list of popup menu items.

Popup Menu Item

It is the individual item that will be shown in the popup menu item. We use popup menu item class for it. It has a value constructor which takes a string and that value will be returned to the on selected constructor. We can use that value specified to that item. Just keep in mind that make the value different for every item so you can use conditions using these values like if the value is ‘home’ then navigator to the home page etc. In the child constructor, we can use some widget like in our example, we have used a simple text for now. Let’s see how our menu will look now:

flutter popup menu button icon

We have used a lottie animation and a background gradient to make this screen looks little good. As you can see, we now have an icon in the actions section of our appbar.Let’s see what happens when we click on it:

flutter popup menu button menu

We can see that when we tap on that icon, a menu just popped up. This is our popup menu. For now, we are only seeing a home text in our menu and its not just a simple text, means its clickable. Let’s now give it some decoration.

Popup Menu Item Customization

                    value: 'Home',
                    child: Column(
                        crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start,
                        children: [
                            children: [
                                size: 20,
                                color: Colors.black45,
                                width: 5,
                                style: TextStyle(
                                    color: Colors.black54,
                                    fontSize: 13,
                                   fontWeight: FontWeight.w500),
We have customized our menu item, we have used a column widget in the child constructor, gave it a row widget, inside the row widget, we have used an icon and a text widget, and we also have used a divider widget(the underline that we can see below the icon and the text). Let’s now see how it looks:
flutter popup menu item customized
Let’s now give some more items to our popup menu and see how it looks now:
flutter popup menu items
As we can see, giving our menu a list of popup items results in a menu like this. You can customize it in your way.


padding: EdgeInsets.all(10)
Using the padding constructor of the popup menu button class results in a menu icon with some padding. You can use this constructor, give it some greater value and see the position of icons after applying it.


 color: Colors.grey
flutter popup menu color
By using the color constructor of the popup menu button class, we can change the flutter popup menu color, which you can see in the above image.

Flutter Popup Menu Icon Customization

child: Container(
                alignment: Alignment.center,
                height: 45,
                width: 45,
                margin: EdgeInsets.all(20),
                decoration: BoxDecoration(boxShadow: [
                  BoxShadow(blurRadius: 4, color: Colors.black45)
                ], color: Colors.white, shape: BoxShape.circle),
                child: Icon(
                  color: Colors.grey,
flutter popup menu icon customization
Using the child constructor, we can customize/make our own menu button, we have used a container and inside it, we have used our icon, you can see our custom decorated menu button. Don’t worry, it will perform the same functionality.


  elevation: 10
Using the elevation constructor, we can specify how much elevated our menu will look after we give it some custom elevation. Let’s see how it looks:
flutter popup menu shadow elevation

On Pressed Function

Let’s now understand how to use the value constructor, we will use a snack bar and give the value specified in value constructor of each menu item and we will see whether we get the value of the item pressed in our snack bar or not.

 onSelected: (value) {
                SnackBar(content: Text('$value item pressed')));

flutter popup menu item home pressed

As you can see, we have pressed the home item and in the snack bar home string is show, it will show only the value that is passed to the value constructor. It can be something else like item one etc.


That’s all for this article, hope you enjoyed it and now have a complete understanding of Flutter popup menu example. Implement it in your code and share your experience with us. We would love to see how you have used it in your flutter app. We would be looking forward for your response. Hope to see you in our next articles in which we will dig deep into other amazing widgets. Thanks for reading.

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