How To Properly Use Flutter Image Picker – Easy Flutter Example

flutter image picker

In this Flutter post, we will be implementing Flutter image picker practically with the help of an easy Flutter example. Providing step by step explanation of how to use Flutter image picker and how we can be pick images and show it in our Flutter app.

After reading this post, you will be able to use Flutter image picker with ease.

What is Flutter Image Picker?

Flutter image picker is a package that is used to pick images using camera or gallery. We will see a proper example in which we will take images from both gallery and camera. We will then show it in our app to make sure the images are picked properly. So let’s just dive right implementing it in our app.

Implementing Flutter Image Picker (Easy Example)

See the below steps in which each and every detail is covered about picking and showing image.

Step 1: Import Image Picker Package

image_picker: ^0.8.5+3

First we have to import the package. You can click here to get the latest version of it. Given above is the current latest version.


If this version gives some error while building apk then give the below version a try.

image_picker: ^0.7.5+1

flutter image picker package

Now add it to your pubspec.yaml file dependencies  like shown in the above image. After that, just click save so this package can be imported in your Flutter app.

Step 2: Fetch Image From Camera

To order to fetch image from camera, first we have to use a function that when triggered, it will get the image from camera. We have to declare a file variable so we can store the fetched image in it. See below code for proper implementation.

  ImagePicker _imagePicker = ImagePicker();
  File? imageFile;

  getImageFromGallery() async {
    var imageSource = await _imagePicker.getImage(source:;
    setState(() {
      imageFile = File(imageSource!.path);
This is how we define the function of getting image from camera. See below how to call that function and show the picked image.
      onTap: () {
      child: Container(
        height: 200,
        width: 200,
            BoxDecoration(color: Colors.grey.shade300, shape:,
        child: imageFile == null
            ? Icon(
                size: 30,
            : ClipRRect(
                borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(300),
                child: Image.file(
                  fit: BoxFit.cover,
flutter container widget
flutter image picker
You can see that we have used a Flutter container and wrapped it with gesture detector class to call the function of pick image from camera whenever it is clicked.
We have used the Image.file(nameOfFile) to show the file image on screen.
We also have used a logic that if imageFile is empty then show the icon widget or else show the image.
So this is how you can easily take image from camera.

Step 3: Fetch Image From Gallery

In order to fetch image from gallery, you have to use the same above process. Just change the image source. See below code:

var imageSource = await _imagePicker.getImage(source:;
Just replace the image source to gallery and now if you tap on the container, then it will open your phone’s gallery and if you tap on any of the image. Then it will be shown on the phone’s screen.
So this is how you can easily use Flutter image picker to pick images from both gallery and camera. Hope your queries are now cleared regarding the usage of Flutter image picker.


To conclude, we have practically implemented Flutter image picker in our Flutter app with the help of proper and easy Flutter example. Thank you for reading this post.

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