How To Easily Convert Double To String Flutter

double to string Flutter

In this post, we will see how to convert double to string Flutter using an easy Dart example. We will explain the conversion practically using step by step approach for better understanding. After reading this article, you will be able to easily use and convert double to string in your own Flutter apps.

So what are we both waiting for? Let’s just dive right into its practical implementation.

What is Double To String Flutter?

It defines the process of converting double(decimal) value to string in Flutter. Enough with this boring theory, let’s now understand this conversion using a proper example.

Converting Double To String Flutter (Easy Example)

In order to implement the conversion of double to string, let’s use the below example.

First we will declare a variable with a return type of double and also initialize it using a decimal value.

Then we will declare another variable with return type of string. It specified its type using the value it is provided with. We will do the conversion which we will discuss later method and pass that value to the string variable.

Finally, we will print the run time type to see if its type is actually converted to string or not. See below code in which this theory is practically implemented:

  double value=34.4;
  String newValue ='$value';



You can see that the type of double is successfully converted to string. What we have done in the above code is that we have used the double inside quotes which defines a string. So it automatically converted the double to string.

Hope you now have a complete idea of how to implement the conversion of double to string Flutter. I would love to answer if you still have any questions related to the conversion of double to string in Flutter.


In conclusion, we have discussed the practical implementation of how to implement double to string Flutter. I would be very happy to have your valuable feedback on this post.

Also, I would love to see you in my other posts which includes the explanation of Flutter widget, templates, animations and many more. Thank you for reading this post.

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